Job Search and Interview Tips

Princeton students work at a wide variety of positions on and off campus.  In addition to its remunerative benefits, student employment can be a valuable source of camaraderie, personal, and professional growth.  

How to Find a Job

Job postings can be accessed through the JobX/TimesheetX portal.

Note: some campus jobs are restricted to Federal Work-Study (FWS) recipients.  Not all students are eligible for FWS.  You can log in to My Financial Aid to see if you are eligible for Federal Work-Study.

Tips on Landing a Job

  • Use your contacts.  If you have a friend who is working in a place where you would like to work, a word of support from that friend to a supervisor could prove helpful in securing a job. If you know professors or administrators from class, make them aware of your interests, skills and experience, and ask them to keep you in mind for any jobs that may open up.
  • Prepare a résumé of your work experience, and update it as often as necessary.  A short, well-organized synopsis of your skills and experience is always an advantage when making inquiries or being interviewed for a job.  This is not the time to be modest, so present yourself in the best light possible.
  • Be persistent, and always follow up on an interview by thanking the interviewer and reaffirming your interest in the job.  If you do not hear from the prospective employer within two weeks, feel free to contact them again to ask if any decision has been made.
  • Be prompt for your interview and any further scheduled appointments with the employer.