Federal Work-Study: Information for Employers

Federal Work-Study (FWS) subsidizes wages for eligible students employed by the University. 

Supervisors who wish to hire only FWS eligible students should create Federal Work-Study jobs in JobX.  

FWS-eligible students can be hired into FWS-only jobs, or standard undergraduate positions.  In either case, FWS student wages will be paid from the University's central FWS account during the 2023-24 academic year.

As a reminder, all student jobs (including FWS positions) must be registered in the JobX portal.

The Federal Work-Study Award Year

The 2023-24 Federal Work-Study Award Year is as follows:

  • Beginning of FWS Year:     September, 4, 2023
  • End of FWS Year:                May 12, 2024  


Hiring Tips and Award Limits

Federal Work-Study students are limited to earning the amount reflected in their financial aid award.   TimesheetX will alert students and supervisors who approach their earnings limit and the Student Employment Office will work with students to increase the FWS award when possible. 

If a student fully expends their FWS award and our office is unable to increase it, we will notify both the student and employing department.  The  department must then decide whether to rehire the student (paying them from departmental funds), or to terminate the position.

If you have questions about a student’s Work-Study eligibility, please reach out to the Student Employment team via phone or email, seoffice@princeton.edu.