Spring 2024: Wage Guidelines & Payroll Schedule

Undergraduate student employees are paid according to the wage information below. 

Rates of Pay for Student Employees*

Federal Work-Study Program and Academic Year 2023-24 employment dates are:

September 4, 2023 - May 12, 2024

Note: The wages below will become effective December 25, 2023.  

Student Worker 1 - $15.13/hour:

Positions require little to no prior experience. Work is structured, with a high level of supervision.

Student Worker 2 - $16.00/hour:

Positions normally require one or more years of experience. Moderate application of technical knowledge or independent decision making may be required. Jobs entailing extensive physical exertion or adverse working conditions are also included in this classification.

Manager/Tutor - $18.00/hour:

Positions normally require two or more years of experience or related course work. These positions may include peer instruction or supervision and require a high level of independent decision making.

Custom Grade:

Custom grade positions require the highest level of independent decision making and expertise.  These positions must include multiple proficiencies or responsibilities exceeding those of the Manager/Tutor role.  Wages are individually approved by the Student Employment Office for each position and must exceed $18/hour.


Hour Limitations and Overtime

US Citizens/Permanent Residents:

US citizens and permanent residents have no weekly employment limit.  However, overtime accrues once 40 hours of work are exceeded in a week.  For students with multiple jobs, the overtime threshold is cumulative between all jobs.   Overtime wages are paid at a 50% premium.

International Students:

International students who have completed an I-9 and are eligible to work are limited to 20 hours of work per week during term time.  International students may work full-time during breaks in the academic calendar (fall recess, Thanksgiving recess, wintersession, spring recess, and summer vacation).

Payroll Schedule

Students are paid according to the Biweekly Payroll Schedule found here.