Prior to Working

The following documents must be completed in order for you to be hired as a student employee. 

The Form I-9 - required

After being offered a job, you must complete an I-9 form to confirm your work eligibility. You should not begin work prior to completing the I-9.  Please review the steps below, paying careful attention to the document(s) needed to complete the I-9.

Your supervisor must initiate the hiring process in JobX before you can complete your I-9 form.  

1. After your supervisor has inititated a hire for you, complete page 1 of the "I-9 Form" using the electronic link on your JobX Dashboard.  

  • If you do not see a link to the I-9 form,  please contact your supervisor and ask them to initiate the hiring process. 
  • Note: After completing page one of the I-9, click “Next” on the bottom of the page, and then click “Submit Form”  on the bottom of page 2.

2. Gather supporting documents and bring them with you to campus 

  • Copies or scans of documents are not acceptable.

3. Bring your documents to Student Employment to complete the I-9 form in-person.

Where: Helm Building, 330 Alexander Street, Princeton, NJ 08540 (4th Floor) 

When: Mondays - Fridays - 8:45AM - 5:00PM 

Note: The Student Employment Office office is about a 20 minute walk from campus, but is also accessible via the Number 2 and 4 shuttle lines.  You can view the real time shuttle schedule here.  Most student employees only need to complete the I-9 form once during their time at Princeton.   

The W-4 - required

The W-4, found in TigerHub, must also be completed prior to employment.   The University does not provide tax advice, however, for general questions regarding the 2020 form W-4, contact or visit the Payroll website.

Direct Deposit - strongly recommended

While not required, we strongly recommend that all student employees participate in direct deposit.  To enroll, please log in to TigerHub.

Working Papers – required for students under 18

Students who wish to work prior to their 18th birthday must complete working papers before they can start their campus jobs.  Please review our instructions for details.