Important Alerts

Financial Aid FAQ (Spring 2021)

Following the University's announcement of its plan for spring 2021, the Financial Aid Office has prepared a resource that answers common questions about the financial aid, billing, and student employment implications of the plan. Please view this resource to learn more.

Financial Aid Mail Processing

The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid and Student Employment (UFA) is currently unable to send or receive U.S. mail. To update your financial aid application, please upload materials to your secure financial aid portal; secure fax to our office at 609-258-0336; or email to (if you are an applicant to the class of 2025) or (if you are a currently enrolled student).

JobX / TimesheetX Supervisor FAQ

Q: I do not have access to JobX/TimesheetX, what should I do?

A: Please request access from the JobX Employer page. If you supervise students in more than one department, please leave a note indicating your department affiliation(s) on the access form. 

Q: If I know who I want to hire, do I still have to list the job publicly?

A: Yes, you must create the job in JobX, however you can place it in “Review Mode” which will not make the job public. You can then hire your students as a “walk-in” hire.

Q: If I have to hire 10 of my students, do I have to create 10 jobs or would it be one jobs with 10 open positions?

A: You would create one job, and hire 10 students into that job.

Q: Can we create two positions – one for remote work and one for on-campus work?

A: Yes, on-campus and remote positions should be listed separately.

Q: Will this system still be bi -weekly? Will we receive reminders?

A: Yes, students will be paid according to the bi-weekly payroll schedule. Payroll deadline reminders will be sent to supervisors and students.

Q: Will Federal Work-Study status and balance be available in the new system?

A: For Spring 2021, there will be limited FWS functionality. However, in Fall 2021, more FWS award information will be accessible in the timesheet.

Q: Is the new JobX and TimesheetX system connected to PeopleSoft Time Management?

A: No, they are not connected. All Spring 2021 jobs must be hired through the JobX system. Beginning January 25, 2021, all student work will be recorded in the TimesheetX system.

Q: Will students who worked in PeopleSoft Time Management be automatically hired into JobX/TimesheetX?

A: No, you will have to create a new job in JobX and hire the student into TimesheetX. This is primarly due to the new wage structure

Q: How far in the past can hours be input? 

A: Hours may be entered according to the job start date. For example, a student job with a start date of September 1 would be accessible for a supervisor to approve hours as far back as September 1.

Q: Can I enter time on behalf of student employees?

A: This is highly discouraged. Students will be accustomed to entering their own time in TimesheetX, and must be specific about the which hours are worked. For example, they will need to enter 12:00-2:00 pm, and not just a generic 2 hours worked.  Entering hours on behalf of students may create unnecessary work for supervisors, and introduce possible timekeeping errors.

Q: Will supervisors be able to charge multiple chartstrings to a student job?

A: No, student jobs will only be able to be charged to one chartstring.