Important Alerts

Financial Aid FAQ (Fall 2020)

Following the University's announcement of its plan for fall 2020, the Financial Aid Office has prepared a resource that answers common questions about the financial aid, billing, and student employment implications of the plan. Please view this resource to learn more.

Financial Aid Mail Processing

The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid and Student Employment (UFA) is currently unable to send or receive U.S. mail. To update your financial aid application, please upload materials to your secure financial aid portal; secure fax to our office at 609-258-0336; or email to (if you are a member of the class of 2024) or (if you are a currently enrolled student).

Information for University Employers

University employers provide many students with their first professional experience, with jobs ranging from short term, project-based assignments, to employment opportunties spanning all four undergraduate years.

All University-based positions, whether remote or on-campus, must be registered through the Student Employment Portal.  

For additional information, browse the side menu or contact our office via email or phone (609) 258-3334.