International Students (Undergraduates)

Hour Limit:

International students who have completed an I-9 and are eligible to work are limited to 20 hours of work per week during term time.  International students may work full-time during breaks in the academic calendar (fall recess, Thanksgiving recess, wintersession, spring recess, and summer vacation).

Applying for a Social Security Number for Undergraduate Students (SSN):

Details of the SSN application process can be found on the Davis International Center website.  A brief summary is listed below:

  • The student must be hired by the University.
  • The student must complete an I-9 form.
  • The student must request an Employment Confirmation Letter from the Student Employment Office.
  • After receiving the employment confirmation letter, the student must submit an SSN Student Document Request to the Davis International Center via TigerNav 
  • The student must apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) at the Social Security Office.  Please visit the Davis Center website for details.
  • Once you receive the SSN, you must provide this number to the University.  Please follow the two steps below to provide your SSN to Princeton