Summer 2021: Guidelines for Student Employment

Because campus access will be restricted, almost all summer 2021 student employment will be conducted remotely. 

Only students who are approved to be on campus for continuous housing or senior thesis research are eligible for in-person, on-campus jobs in summer 2021. On-campus student employees must participate in the Covid testing protocol and complete all steps on the summer social contract site.

All other students residing off campus within the United States may only work remotely.

Students residing outside the United States during summer 2021 are prohibited from all summer employment.


Additional requirements for on-campus summer employment are listed below.

1) Employing departments must first receive approval to work on campus through Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

  • Student employees are not permitted to work on-site if their hiring department does not have an EHS reviewed and approved on-campus work resumption plan. If you have questions about your department’s resumption plan please contact
  • Hiring departments may be asked to provide a copy of their resumption plans to Student Employment.  Additionally, departments may be asked to update these plans to include student employees, with regard to workspace locations and occupancy levels.

2) All undergraduate student employment positions must be registered through the JobX Student Employment portal.   As part of registration, employing departments must indicate whether the position is remote or on-campus.  

  • On-campus, in-person undergraduate jobs will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed approval. Only students who residing on-campus will be approved to work. Jobs requiring routine, close physical contact (defined as within 6 feet of others for more than 15 minutes cumulatively per workday) are prohibited.

3) Undergraduate students who comply with the University’s asymptomatic COVID testing protocol, signed the University Social Contract, and reside on campus may participate in on-campus employment.

  • Undergraduates who do not meet the requirements above are expressly prohibited from accepting Summer 2021 on-campus employment.

Please email with any questions.


Last updated March 22, 2021