Fall 2021: Guidelines for Student Employment

Since the University will be returning to a fully residential teaching, research, and operational environment for the fall semester, student employment is expected to be conducted in-person. 

The University provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities.  Questions about undergraduate employment should be directed to the Student Employment Office.

Timeframe for job listings and hiring:

The Student Employment Office is pursuing enhancements to undergraduate hiring, including the creation of a new, Federal Work-Study-only job type, and batch-hiring for some larger departments.   

Departments can create fall jobs (either standard undergraduate jobs, or FWS-only jobs) at this time.

Departments may begin hiring undergraduates for Fall 2021 and the 2021-22 Academic Year.

Timeframe for on-campus work:

Undergraduate students are permitted to work on campus as of the date of their approved fall term arrival. 

Primary Start Date: For most returning undergraduates, on-campus work can begin August 28, 2021.

Early Arrivals: Undergraduates approved for early arrival will be permitted on campus beginning in mid-August.  These students may work on-campus as of their approved early arrival date.

For example, a returning student approved to arrive on August 17 as part of the early arrival group would be allowed to work on-campus as of August 17, while other returning students would need to wait until the standard August 28 arrival date to begin on-campus work.

Please note one exception to the timeframe above:   Unvaccinated students arriving from outside the US must complete quarantine before working in-person, on-campus jobs.


Last Updated August 18th, 2021