Important Alerts

Financial Aid FAQ (Fall 2020)

Following the University's announcement of its plan for fall 2020, the Financial Aid Office has prepared a resource that answers common questions about the financial aid, billing, and student employment implications of the plan. Please view this resource to learn more.

Financial Aid Mail Processing

The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid and Student Employment (UFA) is currently unable to send or receive U.S. mail. To update your financial aid application, please upload materials to your secure financial aid portal; secure fax to our office at 609-258-0336; or email to (if you are a member of the class of 2024) or (if you are a currently enrolled student).

Compensation & Payroll Schedule

Undergraduate student employees are paid according to the wage table below.  As students accrue hours in a given wage grade, their hourly pay is increased.  

Rates of Pay for Student Employees

Academic Year 2020-21 (effective August 24, 2020)
Federal Work-Study Program 2020-21 dates are August 24, 2020-May 16, 2021

Wage Grade A B C D E F G
0-240 hours 11.00 11.10 11.20 11.50 12.00 12.65 12.90
241- 480 hours 11.30 11.40 11.50 11.90 12.55 12.95 13.15
481-720 hours 11.45 11.60 11.70 12.20 12.70 13.15 13.25
721 hours & up 11.60 11.75 11.95 12.50 13.00 13.35


H: Manager $14.60 (no hours progression)

I: Coordinator or Instructor $15.00 (no hours progression)

J: Individually approved for payment by the Undergraduate Financial Aid and Student Employment Office. Any employment of students at rates over $15.00 (rate J) an hour must be coordinated with our office.

Hour Limitations and Overtime

US Citizens/Permanent Residents:

US citizens and permanent residents have no weekly employment limit.  However, overtime accrues once 40 hours of work are exceeded in a week.  For students with multiple jobs, the overtime threshold is cumulative between all jobs.   Overtime wages are paid at 150% of the standard rate.

International Students:

International students are limited to 20 hours of work per week during term time.  International students may work up to 40 hours per week during breaks in the academic calendar (fall break, intersession, spring break and summer vacation).  

Payroll Schedule

Students are paid according to the Biweekly Payroll Schedule found here.

Wage Classification System

All student jobs allow for payment on an hourly basis, with rates of pay determined according to two criteria—the job classification and the length of time the student has worked in that job or a related field. Job classifications and sample job categories are listed below.


Classification A positions require no special skills or prior experience.

Classification B positions require limited skills and/or experience.

Classification C positions usually require at least one year of experience in the department or related work area.

Classification D positions normally require one or more years of experience or related course work. Jobs entailing extensive physical exertion, adverse working conditions or the need for special skills are also included in this classification.

Classification E positions usually require from two to three years of experience or related course work and have a higher level of responsibility.

Classification F and G positions are determined by experience and proficiency in the necessary area. These positions typically require three or more years of experience or related course work.

Classification H and I positions require two or more years of experience or related course work and/or special skills along with proficiency in a particular area. These positions may include peer supervision.

Classification J positions require either a high level of expertise or responsibility, and there is no assigned rate. Rates are individually approved through Student Employment for payment.