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Important Alerts

Financial Aid Operating Status

Following University guidelines, the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid and Student Employment is working to implement remote operation procedures. The office is currently unavailable for phone calls, but inquiries may be directed to

For questions about COVID-19-specific procedures, including move out and billing, please review the University's earlier communications to students and to parents.

Student Dependency Status

It is Princeton's policy to require information from the student's parent(s) for the purposes of determining University financial aid eligibility. Princeton students are considered financially dependent upon their parent(s), unless they meet one of the criteria below:

  • Student is over age 25 and has lived as a self-supporting adult for at least two years.
  • Student is under 25 but married and/or has dependent children and has lived as a self-supporting adult for at least two years.
  • Student is/was an orphan or ward of the court.
  • Student has been in legal guardianship for less than two years due to parental neglect, abandonment, and/or abuse documentation.
  • Student is a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

A dependency override grants a student, who does not meet the above criteria and would otherwise be considered dependent, independent student status. Parental unwillingness to pay for college or complete the aid application will not be considered for a dependency override. To view the full Dependency Override Process and Dependency Override Request Form, log in to the My Financial Aid portal.